The Ideal Solution for a Variety of Business Needs

More than 30 years of funding businesses has given our team the expertise to recognize the types of cash flow challenges that BusinessManager is ideally suited to address, such as fast growth, seasonal fluctuations, and longer payment cycles associated with certain industries.

Throughout its nearly 30-year history, BusinessManager has helped finance businesses in more than 400 unique NAICS codes

BusinessManager is great for hundreds of industries, including:

The average trucking company gets paid in 42 days, and accounts receivable make up 30% of total assets. Business owners often struggle to meet the significant weekly demands associated with payroll, fuel, repairs, and other costs. That’s why trucking companies have always relied on BusinessManager. Take the wheel with confidence knowing you will have the cash you need to support your business.

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For the average staffing services firm, A/R turn is 58 days and 45% of assets are tied up in accounts receivable. Yet, you generally need to pay employees weekly or bi-weekly. That can be a monumental challenge. It can also keep you from growing your business. BusinessManager helps you overcome the cash flow crunch while waiting to get paid. Just think what life would be like if you received cash for each new invoice within 24 hours.

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For many privately-held businesses that manufacture parts, supplies, and other goods, accounts receivable can amount to 20 to 30% of your total assets. BusinessManager helps you maintain a strong cash flow position despite the traditional turnaround time of 40 to 55 days for your receivables. Just think what prices you could negotiate if you had cash on hand to pay your suppliers in less than five days.

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It’s a challenge to support the cost of carrying inventory while maintaining enough cash flow to seize key discounts that can give you a competitive edge. BusinessManager ensures you'll always have cash on hand to take advantage of cash-based, prompt-payment, or volume discounts from your vendors.

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Since its inception, BusinessManager has been used to finance accounts receivable for companies offering business and professional services. Bottom line, if your company provides a service and sends an invoice to your clients, you should take a closer look at this financing option. Many business owners do the work and then the waiting game begins, sometimes getting paid 40 to 90 days later. Stop being the “bank” for your clients. Next-day cash allows you to grow your business by hiring additional staff and expanding into new territories.

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Professional Services

Energy businesses have been booming in the U.S. for over a decade, with some support businesses growing by more than 100% annually. It takes a predictable source of cash to achieve that growth. Whether you’re working in oil and gas field services, renewable energy operations, or other related sectors, consider BusinessManager. It helps you manage that kind of rapid growth with the cash to purchase new equipment, upgrade technology, and effectively serve customers.

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