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Enterprise Payment Solutions

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ACH/Check Conversion Services™

ACH/Check Conversion Services enables businesses to process consumer checks received as payments.   

This Internet-based service uses a check scanner and merchant portal to capture both MICR information and a digital image of each check. Once the dollar amount is entered and account information is verified through a real-time gateway, the payment is processed as an electronic funds transfer (EFT) and is securely passed through the Federal Reserve’s ACH network, the same secure and reliable network commonly used for direct deposit of payroll funds. Funds are withdrawn from consumer accounts the next business day and deposited into the business' accounts within one to three business days. ACH/Check Conversion Services eliminate many of the processing costs and inherent risks associated with processing paper checks, and saves time by reducing the number of over-the-counter deposits. 

What It Does

  • Processes consumer checks as electronic transactions.
  • Uses a check scanner to capture MICR information and a digital image of the check.
  • Verifies account information through ProfitStars' secure, real-time gateway.
  • Processes the payment through the Federal Reserve System's ACH Network.
  • Withdraws funds from the consumer’s account on the next business day and then deposits into the company’s bank account within one to three business days.
  • Allows for companies to destroy the original paper checks, effectively reducing the risk of tampering.

What It Does For Me

  • Eliminates many of the costs and liabilities associated with paper checks.
  • Dramatically speeds payment processing.
  • Lowers costs of bank deposit preparation and deposit fees.
  • Requires very little capital investment.
  • Enables fast implementation and upgrades.
  • Requires no software to purchase or install, and no licensing fees to pay.
  • Accelerates cash flow – transactions settle within one to three business days.
  • Facilitates secure, 100 percent NACHA compliant electronic check processing.



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  • Product Brief
    ACH/Check Conversion Services

    Electronic check processing and conversion delivers cost savings, speed, and innovation to companies’ accounts receivable check processing with Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction and Check Conversion Services.