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Subrogation Payments 

The SubroPRO system from Amali systematizes approximately 70% of the subrogation payments received by an insurance carrier.

Its sophisticated capabilities apply recovery payments against individual indemnities, leverage imaging technology to automatically match incoming subrogation recovery checks with outstanding claims, and automate receipt management. It provides automated tools to analyze accident data, maintains exception queues, generates meaningful standard and custom reporting, and captures industry benchmarking data. SubroPRO provides the ability to accurately measure and track a wide range of performance metrics including recovery amount forecasting and employee productivity. This bank agnostic solution enables carriers to continue using their existing banking relationships and supports seamless connectivity to existing claim systems. 

SubroPRO generates an array of tangible benefits including the ability to materially improve subrogation workflow, reduce the time from notice-of-loss to recovery, significantly reduce payment cycles, improve staff productivity by as much as 200%, and positively contribute to the carriers’ bottom line by reducing the cost of payment transactions.