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Enterprise Payment Solutions


JHA EPS SmartPay Biller Direct℠

An Electronic Bill/Invoice Presentment and Payment Solution for Billers

JHA EPS SmartPay Biller Direct is an electronic bill presentment and payment solution that helps businesses and organizations like utilities, municipalities, property management companies, insurance agencies, financial services providers, and many others enhance their online revenue stream and deepen their relationship with their customers.
Businesses upload billi​​ng data into SmartPay Biller Direct as often as they like, based on the needs of their business. Enterprise Payment Solutions™ (EPS) implementation engineers help businesses upload key invoice details, such as:
  • Customer identifiers and demographic data
  • Customer bill/invoice identifiers and details
  • Customer payment options
  • Merchant discretionary data
SmartPay Biller Direct collects customer payments through its secure payments site. After verifying the customer’s identity, SmartPay Biller Direct presents biller-defined invoice information and collects the customer’s payment. Businesses control various aspects of the presentment and payment process, including:
  • Payment timing
  • Payment amount
  • Payment methods
  • Convenience fees
  • Discounts
  • Split payments
  • Creation of stored payment accounts
  • Number of bills that can be paid with a single payment
Once the bill is paid, SmartPay Biller Direct provides critical remittance data back to the business to help streamline accounts receivable processing. SmartPay Biller Direct reduces costs, simplifies invoice and collection processing, and helps improve customer satisfaction and retention.
As part of ProfitStars’ integrated EPS platform, SmartPay Biller Direct requires minimal technical setup. ProfitStars’ experienced implementation team creates a unique URL address that can be custom-branded for each business or organization. The business simply links its website or directs their customers to the branded SmartPay Biller Direct site.

What It Does

  • Provides a self-service administrative portal that allows for unique branding and configurable presentment and payment options at the business location level
  • Provides a branded webpage for businesses to validate customers and collect payments
  • Allows for multiple payments methods including checking, savings, credit/debit cards, and PayPal
  • Accepts payments online via a PC or mobile device, through a Customer Service Representative, or through web services integration
  • Handles one-time, future dated or recurring payments.
  • Provides an exception-free remittance or posting file
  • Supports both B2C and B2B organizations
  • Offers reporting and fraud mitigation tools through the EPS platform

What It Does For Me

  • Provides an ideal tool for businesses that want to enhance their online revenue stream and deepen relationships with customers
  • Helps you attract and retain valuable small- and medium-sized business customers
  • Increases business customer satisfaction, reduces cost and creates back office efficiencies
  • Provides a secure, reliable environment that is
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and
  • SSAE 16 certified.
  • Provides a robust suite of risk management tools and reporting capabilities for both financial institutions and businesses