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Internship Request

​Interested In An Internship?

Thank you so much for your interest in an internship with JHA! Please read our Mission Statement, Purpose and Eligibility information below.

Internship opportunities when available are listed on the Jack Henry Careers page and posted with the job title “Internship”. To be considered you must meet all eligibility requirements as well as set up a complete profile and application on our website at

Mission Statement

Jack Henry & Associates is committed to providing quality internship opportunities for college students who are focused on careers in Computer Information Systems, Finance, Accounting, or other related fields.

Purpose and Outline of Program

Purpose of the JHA Internship Program is to create a learning environment for students through a university internship program while assisting the company to meet business needs. The internship will typically be paid positions for eligible students. In addition, the internship may be a part of an educational program or part of a learning plan. In order to include a learning agenda for the intern, the internship program will include objectives, observation, reflection, evaluation and assessment. The internship program is for college students only and is not for part time positions.


The JHA Internship Program will accept applications from any student who is enrolled at an accredited College or University. The student must be willing to meet all requirements assigned by their supervisor and be able to provide their own transportation to and from their internship.​​