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Commercial Finance

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Jack Henry Commercial Finance​ 

Short and long-term capital for commercial businesses

For the industries most impacted by the recent economic downturn, recovery won’t happen overnight. To kickstart business and resume growth, these companies are going to need injections of both short- and long-term capital. As a result, banks, credit unions and alternative lenders will likely see increased demand in two specific types of commercial lending: government-guaranteed facilities and working capital facilities.  

​Th​e number one priority for creditors during recovery will be to ensure that payments continue, whether from outstanding loans or open accounts receivable. All of this comes at a time when many banks and credit unions are struggling to control emerging credit risk. 

Now is the time to proactively employ the innovative technology you’ll find with Jack Henry Commercial Finance to improve capacity per person and increase transparency in processes and communications between the borrower and the lender. Now is the time to make quality growth your “new normal.” 

These solutions can help:

By allowing businesses to get early payment on their outstanding invoices, they get the immediate cash flow they need to seize growth opportunities, purchase inventory, take advantage of supplier discounts, increase staff, and even fund payroll.