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Complementary Solutions

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Complementary Solutions 

Enhancing and complementing your lending offering

Jack Henry Lending offers additional solutions and services that have been selected to enhance and complement our primary lending products. These include services designed to meet your specialized market needs, improving risk mitigation, providing alternative financing, and buying and selling loans. 

  • Loan Marketplace​: An online marketplace for financial institutions to buy, sell, and participate loans digitally through a secure, private network. 
  • LendingNetwork: Creative funding strategies for creditworthy business customers whose needs may not be met by traditional banking products. 
  • HubTran: Provides automated invoice processing for transportation lending and factoring.
  • ArgosRisk: Easily assess and monitor the business viability of commercial lending customers.
  • CRMa: Provides a thorough and quick independent loan review by a third-party vendor, ensuring your bank or credit union is staying compliant and meeting expectations within your portfolio.  ​​
For more information, download the solution overview.​​​​​​