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Card Processing Solutions For All Credit Unions

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CruiseNet ATM/Debit Processing

Timely information for your debit card accounts

CruiseNet ATM/Debit Processing gives credit unions the ability post ATM/debit items in near real time, place automatic holds on debit items, and provide overdraft protection, overdraft notice printing, automatic ledger posting, and MICR/routing number management. ATM/Debit Processing accesses data directly from the CruiseNet core. Its flexible design makes it easily adaptable, regardless of your ATM switch provider or in-house data processing vendor.

With in-house processing, you can make sure your members are serviced the way you want them to be.  When frontline staffers are assisting a member, they can see up-to-date account activity and make informed decisions. This can also facilitate proactive management of delinquent accounts and collections.

Core compatibility: CruiseNet

What It Does

  • Enables you to post ATM/debit items in near real time.
  • Allows you to place automatic holds on debit items.
  • Provides overdraft protection and overdraft notice printing.
  • Provides automatic ledger posting and MICR/routing number management.

What It Does For You

  • Improves member service by giving tellers up-to-date credit card account data.
  • Improves cross-selling based on member transaction data. 
  • Facilitates proactive management of delinquent accounts and collections.​