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Card Processing Solutions For All Credit Unions

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Credit and Debit Processing​

Efficient, cost-effective in-house transaction processing

With Credit and Debit Processing, Card Processing Solutions (CPS) manages the flow of authorizations and transactions between your credit union and Visa/MasterCard. You get near-real-time access to your cardholder transaction data in an easy-to-navigate system interface. This enables front-line staff to easily answer member questions, and assists you with developing targeted marketing materials. You also get 100 percent of your settlement daily. Instant issue/instant activation is supported. We can manage your card production, from design assistance to embossing, encoding, and mailing.

Fraud protection is provided by a team of analysts that monitor card activity 24/7, assisted by neural network software. We also support cardholder-selected PINs. Card Processing Solutions offers security-enhanced Visa® and MasterCard® Chip Cards​ for your members both at home and abroad. Most clients take advantage of our professional chargeback services.

What It Does​

  • ​​Manages the flow of authorizations and transactions between your credit union and the card networks.
  • Provides you and your members with near-real-time account information.
  • Manages your card production.
  • Provides expert fraud prevention services.
  • Offers optional professional chargeback services. 
  • Offers CPS Chip Cards.

What It Does For You

  • ​​Gives 100 percent interchange settlement daily.
  • Improves member service and member cross-selling by providing full, near-real-time access to cardholder data.
  • Provides an intuitive interface to your transaction viewing and control system.
  • Provides incomparable customer service.​