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Card Processing Solutions For All Credit Unions

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Extra Awards®

A robust, flexible, cost-effective loyalty program

Extra Awards enables your members to earn points for gifts and travel, including a travel booking system that operates very much like popular commercial online travel services – right down to selecting seats on the plane. Your credit union can choose to brand it with the name and logo of your choice. The branded awards site is hosted and maintained by a third party, which you link to from your website or home banking system. You are able to choose your own point values and expiration dates. Once the program has begun, members earn points via purchases or any activity you choose to reward, such as opening a loan or a new account.

Points can be redeemed for retail gift cards, cash, travel, or even retroactively applied to travel that members book on their own. Travel options include hotel and rental car certificates, too. Ticket cancellation insurance is also offered for purchase. Institutions receive monthly reports of member point totals and redemptions. Point accumulations can be printed on the member’s monthly statements or included in a supplied e-statement. Card Processing Solutions can also provide marketing brochures imprinted with your program’s details.

What It Does

  • Enables members to earn points by making purchases or by participating in any other activity you wish to reward.
  • Enables members to redeem points for gift cards, cash, or travel.
  • Gives members an easy-to-navigate Web portal for handling gift card and travel redemptions.
  • Provides credit unions with monthly reports and optional e-statements and brochures.

What It Does For You

  •  ​​Increases member loyalty to your credit union’s payment card.
  • Increases activation and card usage.
  • Attracts new members and boosts retention of current members.​