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Card Processing Solutions For All Credit Unions

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Fraud Center​

Preserve cardholder trust with comprehensive, effective risk management

Criminals are always on the move, looking for new ways to acquire protected information. At JHA Card Processing Solutions™ (CPS) we recognize that the game is always changing. The fight against fraud requires not only vigilance but a wide range of flexible tools. No single solution compares to an array of methods providing layers of security.

A critical aspect of our risk management service is the ability for both you and our fraud analysts to respond immediately to trends or indications of impending fraud. Instant response stops crime in its tracks, rather than leaving you helpless as incidents continue to occur.

What It Does  

  • Provides 24-hour transaction monitoring by both fraud specialists and Falcon software.
  • Offers a flexible array of authorization restrictions and spending limits.
  • Provides automatic, text, phone, and email alerts to members.
  • Offers multiple security services such as name/date expiration mismatch, secure card activation, and lost or stolen card reporting.

What It Does For Me

  • Saves money and labor, and also supports member good will by stopping fraud quickly or preventing it altogether. Gives you the option of setting controls and restrictions to suit your specific needs.
  • Provides peace of mind for you and your members by putting multiple security measures in place
  • Product Briefs
    Fraud Center

    Preserve cardholder trust with comprehensive, effective risk management