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Card Processing Solutions For Jack Henry Banks

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First PIN™

Issue debit cards without the need to send a PIN mailer

When cardholders receive new or replacement cards, they must activate them using your jXchange method, such as IVR. To use First PIN, a cardholder contacts your call center to have the card set up. The call center will create a blank offset field for the card. When a cardholder next uses the card at an ATM or for any PIN-based POS transaction, the PIN entered on the first transaction becomes the permanent PIN.
If a cardholder later forgets the PIN or believes it has been compromised, your call center can clear the PIN offset again, and the cardholder sets a permanent PIN on the next ATM or POS transaction, just as with a new card. For any PIN change to occur, the card must be activated and the PIN offset field on the card record must be blank.

What It Does

  • Enables cardholders to choose and set PINs for new debit cards
  • Enables cardholders to choose and set new PINs if the old PINs are forgotten or believed to be compromised
  • Allows banks to issue new cards without sending PIN mailers

What It Does For Me

  • Saves money and simplifies operations by eliminating PIN mailers
  • Increases security through easy PIN change ability
  • Increases cardholder satisfaction by giving customers choice and control​

  • Product Briefs
    First PIN

    Save the expense of sending PIN mailers while maintaining security. Cardholders can establish PINs the first time they make an ATM or POS transaction.