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Ensenta Business RDC – Mobile with Multi-Check℠ 

Commercial Mobile RDC Solution that Enables Multiple Checks to be Deposited in a Single Deposit 

As digital applications continue to advance and smartphone usage increases, businesses expect to conduct more mobile interactions and transactions with their financial institution. According to The Financial Brand, 58% of accountholders now prefer digital interactions and 32% prefer traditional in-branch interactions. And digital channel usage is expected to continue to grow as mobile applications evolve. 

With Ensenta Business RDC – Mobile with Multi-Check, you can support the move to mobile with a modern business deposit solution. You’ll be able to provide businesses with an inexpensive, easy-to-use solution that leverages Mitek’s MiSnap SDK video capture and photo imaging technology to support multiple checks in a single deposit. 

When you choose Ensenta Business RDC – Mobile with Multi-Check, you can provide an optimal deposit experience. Users capture check images by placing and flipping each check under the camera. Check image analysis is performed, and check amounts are automatically detected using two Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software solutions – Mitek and A2iA. Manual corrections can be made, checks can be added or deleted, and checks will be posted as a single mobile deposit. The Ensenta risk engine provides real-time risk mitigation by leveraging Ensenta’s Agile Risk Management platform, integrations with third-party check verification and guarantee services, and real-time alerts. All deposit activities, including deposit status, can be viewed in real-time. 

Ensenta Business RDC – Mobile with Multi-Check is ideal for businesses, individual locations, or field representatives depositing less than 20 daily checks and eliminates the cost of desktop scanners and complex browser/device drivers.

It can also be integrated with any mobile banking platform and with Ensenta Business RDC – Desktop which supports businesses with higher check volumes. When you offer the combination of these two remote deposit solutions, you can efficiently support diverse businesses with shared real-time risk mitigation tools, real-time user messaging, history, and reporting across both deposit channels.