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​Ensenta Smart Alerts for Real-Time Monitoring℠​

Direct Integration Between the Ensenta EZAdmin​ Platform and Verafin 

With Ensenta Smart Alerts for Real-Time Monitoring, you’ll get direct integration between the Ensenta EZAdmin platform and Verafin – which means you’ll expedite check fraud detection by eliminating the need to generate and send transaction batch files at end of the day or even next day. 

Ensenta EZAdmin is the centralized enterprise remote deposit processing and risk management platform that supports all deposit channels including desktop, mobile, ATM, and self-service kiosk; and Verafin is a leading provider of cloud-based fraud detection, anti-money laundering (AML), and high-risk customer management software. 

The integration of these industry-leading platforms provides fraud detection by passing deposit transactions from the Ensenta platform to Verafin in real-time. After the end-user has completed the deposit, Ensenta sends a Deposit Submitted alert and the check image to Verafin. Verafin performs its sophisticated deposit fraud analytics and within seconds the financial institution is notified via email of suspicious deposits. The financial institution’s designated staff log-in to the Verafin platform, review the fraud analytics results, and return to the EZAdmin platform to decision the item.