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Enterprise Payment Solutions

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ACH Origination and Processing

ACH services for comprehensive ACH management.

Our ACH Client and ACH Manager solutions help you meet banking customer needs while streamlining and securing your own ACH origination and processing efforts.

ACH Origination and Processing Solutions provide your institution with more robust and comprehensive Automated Clearing House options than are typically found in core or cash management systems. Plus, these solutions are backed by industry-leading technical support.

ACH Client is the premier acquisition tool for originated ACH transactions. Business users may load transactions in the form of NACHA-formatted files, or they may create online "maps" to automatically convert any fixed-length or delimited file into the required NACHA format. Users may also store and maintain transaction information in ACH Client, using the resulting templates to launch one-time or recurring payments based on flexible, user-defined schedules. This ACH origination solution also supports sophisticated "split" transactions that can automatically deliver funds to multiple target accounts based on amount or percentage designations.

ACH Manager provides robust aggregation, warehousing and risk tracking services for ACH transactions. ACH Manager's temporal risk tracking allows financial institutions to monitor the ongoing risk of originated transactions over time, assessing the impact of ongoing origination activities against thresholds established for specific entities and consolidated corporate clients. This ACH payment processing solution eases FI processing of daily incoming transactions, providing the ability to generate manual or automated returns and NOCs.

With a proven ASP solution for originations of every ACH transaction type – plus a secure platform that processes, validates, and reports on all NACHA-formatted files – we help you keep customers happy and outpace the competition.

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