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Enterprise Payment Solutions

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JHA mRDC™ (Mobile Remote Deposit Complete)

Mobile remote deposit capture for on-the-go businesses available as a standalone solution or in combination with a desktop remote deposit solution

JHA mRDC is a mobile-based remote deposit capture solution that enables financial institutions to provide their on-the-go commercial account holders with the ability to deposit paper checks using smartphones and tablets.

JHA mRDC is a game changer for financial institutions whose payments strategies include attracting and retaining business account holders with innovative, convenience-driven payment solutions. Part of the Enterprise Payment Solutions™ (EPS) platform, JHA mRDC is a low-cost mobile remote deposit solution ideal for businesses with low check volumes and commercial entities that have remote field personnel such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC companies, cleaning services, pest control providers, landscapers, delivery and distribution companies, and more.

JHA mRDC helps financial institutions better serve commercial account holders by offering a convenient way to make anytime, anywhere deposits, allowing them to receive funds faster and improve their working capital. This solution can increase market presence and potential, and broaden geographic footprints, all without the need to build additional branches.

With JHA mRDC, commercial entities have the ability to track deposit activity, assign individual login credentials, add payment data, and include more than one check in a deposit.

What It Does

  • Enables commercial account holders to quickly and easily deposit paper checks using smartphones and tablets.
  • Allows commercial account holders to deposit checks into multiple accounts.
  • Enables commercial account holders to deposit more than one check at a time.
  • Allows for multiple users, each with their own individual login credentials.
  • Provides audit trails and detailed reporting.
  • Integrates with Remote Deposit Complete to complement mobile deposits with desktop scanning in the office. 

What It Does For Me

  • Improves commercial account holder satisfaction and retention.
  • Enables financial institutions to attract new commercial entities with a convenience-driven payment solution.
  • Reduces branch traffic.
  • Reduces transaction processing costs.


Anytime, Anywhere Deposits for On-the-Go Businesses
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