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​​JHA SmartMonitor

​Risk Management for Consumer Mobile Deposits Powered by Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA)

Fraud impacts almost every aspect of financial services, so you need a multi-layered approach to risk mitigation and management. And mitigating fraud in the mobile remote deposit channel is a top-of-mind concern for financial institutions like yours.

With JHA SmartMonitor, you get a practical approach to risk management for your mobile deposits powered by JHA SmartPay RDA. It evaluates mobile deposits in real time and maintains risk profiles to control how high-risk transactions are identified, evaluated, and managed. A dynamic transaction queue supports the review of high-risk deposits and provides the details needed to make informed process or decline decisions. It also maintains velocity controls.

Adding the optional JHA SmartPay Integrated Fraud CheckSM* means access to a national database offering a real-time view into accounts to validate if they are overdrawn, closed, or in another high-risk status.

Working with JHA SmartMonitor, you have the control you need with an elegantly simple interface. It leverages easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement rules and intuitive settings that effectively and efficiently deter fraud without requiring significant time learning, configuring, and using the system.

*JHA SmartPayIntegrated Fraud Check real-time (in-app) messaging is only available if the financial institution’s mobile banking application is integrated to the latest version of the RDA API. Financial institutions should consult their mobile banking partner for additional information. 

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    JHA SmartMonitor

    Risk Management for Consumer Mobile Deposits Powered by JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA)
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