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JHA SmartPay mRDC (Mobile Remote Deposit Complete)


Commercial Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Solution

Today, businesses expect to conduct more and more of their interactions and transactions using smartphones and tablets. Your ability to attract, serve, and retain lucrative commercial accountholders now means you must support their growing demand for anytime, anywhere banking. It’s more critical than ever for your financial institution – regardless of size – to prepare for mobile’s evolution into the business banking channel of choice by delivering your routine financial services in a mobile environment that is easy-to-use, modern, engaging, and secure.

With JHA SmartPay mRDC, your business accountholders can conveniently deposit checks anytime, anywhere using camera-enabled smartphones and tablets. When you choose JHA SmartPay mRDC, you gain the ability to support multiple users, maintain all login credentials, accommodate multiple checks in a single deposit, enable checks to be deposited into multiple accounts, track all deposit activity, and allow payment data to be added to deposits. It is an ideal, low-cost mobile solution for businesses with low check volumes and remote field personnel.

Full integration of JHA SmartPay mRDC with JHA SmartPay Complete™ and 
JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit NowSM means you can support diverse businesses and locations with highly scalable mobile and desktop solutions.

Mobile remote deposits are a more convenient, efficient, and economical way for businesses to make routine deposits. Remote deposits also expedite funds availability which improves cash flow and working capital.
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Mobile Deposit for Business Video