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JHA Card Fraud Advisory Services

Is your staff having difficulty keeping up with fraud trends and associated best practices?​

The fraud landscape changes quickly, resulting in increasing costs for the card payments industry. Financial institutions benefit from enhanced services to help manage their card portfolios and effectively balance necessary transaction restrictions versus lost income on good transactions.

JHA Card Fraud Advisory Services is available for institutions using JHA Card Processing Solutions™ (CPS) for credit and/or debit processing. 

You receive a monthly advanced analytics report suite developed by the JHA Card Fraud Center™. The report provides metrics to help you develop targeted strategies for declining more fraud while minimizing acceptance issues for your cardholders.

Request an engagement with a JHA Fraud Advisor to work directly with you to analyze fraud data and behavior within your debit and credit card programs. Partner with your Advisor through conference calls where analytical findings and best practices are shared. Based on these findings, the Advisor recommends actions customized for your institution to strengthen risk mitigation.


  • Provides monthly card fraud analytics 
  • Provides regular meetings with an expert Fraud Advisor 
  • Offers customized fraud mitigation strategies 


  • Reduces the number of blocked cards 
  • Limits unnecessary declines, keeping your card top-of-wallet Increases interchange income 
  • Stops more fraud with tailored rules and analytics 
  • Provides collaboration and consultation on a critical aspect of your business

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​