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JHA Credit Card Portfolio Advisory Services 

Are you ready to launch a successful credit card program? 

JHA Credit Card Portfolio Advisory Services connects today’s financial institutions (FIs) to proven consultants who have helped numerous FIs like yours enhance competitiveness, increase profitability, and maximize growth potential with their credit card programs. This means you can create a program that exceeds your needs without having to rely on internal expertise, whether you are entering the credit card market for the first time or want to ensure success when re-entering it. JHA Credit Card Portfolio Advisory Services is available for FIs using JHA Card Processing Solutions™ (CPS) for credit processing.
Program launch services can be utilized and tailored to meet your institution’s unique needs: 

Working with JHA Credit Card Portfolio Advisory Services, you will focus on two essential capabilities to position your program for short- and long-term success: 
  • Optimize product delivery
  • Manage the bottom line 
With consultants who understand your institution, you can formulate a strategy that builds on these key fundamentals. This means you can better manage business risks while seeking growth opportunities – always with your cardholders in mind. 

Packaged Solutions 
Simply put: Credit cards are the best possible product your institution can add to increase cardholder participation and loyalty, and they have the highest profit potential of any loan product. JHA Credit Card Portfolio Advisory Services offers support whether you are entering or re-entering the credit card business. Our packages:

Portfolio Start-Up – Essentials 
For FIs who are cost-sensitive, smaller, or less complex. 
  • Competitive review – national issuer trends
  • Suggested product build
  • Recommendations on rewards programs
  • Standard credit tier methodology
  • Recommended pricing and terms
  • Content delivered electronically with optional webinar/phone-based support
Portfolio Start-Up – Customized
For FIs who are larger, more complex, or require a higher level of service. 
  • Initial consultation via phone/webinar to identify goals and objectives
  • Competitive review – national issuer trends and local competitors 
  • Customized suggested product build
  • Customized recommendations on rewards programs
  • Customized credit tier methodology
  • Customized recommended pricing and terms
  • Customized credit line assignment recommendations
  • Content delivered electronically as well as additional webinar/phone consultations 


  • Offers packaged consulting services focused on launching credit card programs
  • Includes expert support from proven credit card portfolio consultants


  • Provides consulting support to enhance the competitiveness, increase the profitability, and maximize the growth potential of your new credit card program
  • Supports your credit card program and your institution’s needs without having to rely on internal expertise
  • Offers programs to assist you in beginning a credit card program for the first time or reentering the market​
  • Positions you to effectively increase cardholder participation and loyalty through credit cards, with the highest profit potential of any loan product today ​​​​​​​​​​