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Digital Banking

Embedded Fintech Differentiates Your Digital Experience

Joshua Jordan
Mar 4, 2024

Building financial technology can be an expensive undertaking for a bank or credit union. It’s generally reserved for the largest banks in the U.S. that have entire teams dedicated to R&D and building – rather than buying – custom solutions.

As a result, you’re probably relying on a handful of financial technology providers to deliver nearly everything you need to run your institution and serve your accountholders effectively and efficiently.

It’s a convenient relationship when your development resources are limited – or nonexistent. But when you completely outsource the development and design of your accountholder experience and rely on others to deliver the functionality you desire, you risk giving up control of the experience you’re trying to create.

Control Your Destiny

In today’s competitive market, consumers and businesses are willing to change financial institutions for a better digital experience. What was acceptable yesterday can lead to churn and lost relationships today. That’s why it’s more important than ever for Main Street banks and credit unions to deliver a competitive and desirable digital experience.

So how can you create a differentiated digital experience to compete? By leveraging embedded fintech and open banking.

Embedding fintech directly into your digital banking experience is the best way to deliver market-leading technology and feature functionality directly to customers and members. It empowers you to control your destiny by creating optionality, managing delivery timelines, and designing and delivering a unique digital experience.

An Open Ecosystem

Using embedded fintech to differentiate digitally requires an open banking ecosystem in which open APIs and publicly available documentation provide unencumbered opportunities for innovation and integration.

Having an open ecosystem allows for the best speed-to-market results. Not having to wait for long integration projects or cumbersome one-off installations creates the opportunity to have the latest and greatest fintech innovations available, without the drawn-out development of traditional integration.

It’s a powerful tool to have at your disposal. To participate fully, you’ll need to work with technology providers that embrace and empower openness.

Jack Henry™ Can Help

As a well-rounded technology provider, Jack Henry offers strategic solutions and fosters connections between fintechs and financial institutions. Encouraging fintechs to leverage our Banno Digital Toolkit™ (the same set of APIs our Banno Digital Platform™ is built on) allows innovative solutions to be more accessible and deeply integrated into your financial institution’s digital experience.

Unlike traditional digital channels, Jack Henry knocks down the barriers to innovation by making API, design, and authentication frameworks publicly available at Access to the development sandbox is designed as “self-service” to create ease to innovation and further expand fintech collaborations and an open philosophy.

Examples in the Wild

Banks and credit unions have used the Digital Toolkit to develop custom functionality and integrate third parties for several years, so there’s an impressive variety of use cases currently in production.

  • Digital Onboarding – Platform that helps bank and credit union accountholders increase digital engagement.
  • Monit – A cash flow analysis, forecasting, and guidance platform for business accountholders.
  • Silvur – Tools that guide Americans over age 50 through key retirement decisions.
  • Plinqit – A financial health-focused app that pays users for learning about personal finance.
  • Array – Consumer credit and identity protection tools that boost digital engagement and drive revenue.

When you combine your unique strategy and accountholder needs with the tools available in the market, the possibilities are endless. And if you can’t find exactly what you need, you can use the same Digital Toolkit to build it yourself.

 Get Going

With the self-enrollment tools, tutorial videos, and sample code available on, you can get started anytime. Browse some of the existing Toolkit integrations, or introduce the self-service tools and portals to that new fintech you’ve been talking with and start delivering on a differentiated digital experience that attracts and retains accountholders.

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