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Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. has established conduct standards which reflect our commitment to our long-established values of honesty, integrity, respect, and responsibility in all business dealings.  It is our expectation that our vendors and partners will share and embrace these values as well as our commitment to regulatory compliance.  For this reason we have established a Code of Conduct.
Please visit our Vendor Code of Conduct.
Please visit our Vendor Safety Program.
While vendors are independent entities of Jack Henry & Associates, the business practices and actions of a vendor when conducting business with Jack Henry & Associates or with our clients may have a significant impact and reflect upon Jack Henry & Associates.  Because of this, we expect all vendors, and their employees, agents, subcontractors, and representatives to understand and follow our high ethical standards set forth in the Code of Conduct while the vendor is conducting business with us or our clients.  It is the responsibility of our vendors and representatives to understand and adhere to Jack Henry & Associates' expectations.  Vendors should notify a member of Jack Henry & Associates management if and when any situation develops that may cause the vendor or vendor's representative to operate in a way that may be in conflict with our Code of Conduct.  We reserve the right to sever a business relationship with any vendor or vendor representative who behaves in a manner that we consider to be inconsistent with our Code of Conduct.

VIP Members

The Jack Henry™ Vendor Integration Program (VIP) gives third-party vendors direct access to Jack Henry’s technical resources to achieve product integration with our core platforms. This creates a win-win for these companies and our mutual customers by significantly speeding up the integration process and removing the financial institution as an intermediary while the work is completed.
VIP is unprecedented in the industry in that we welcome all vendors, even those that compete with our own ancillary products. Our primary objective is ensuring that our bank and credit union clients are able to quickly and easily deploy the technology products that they need, whether they come from us or someone else.
Please note that Jack Henry neither recommends, nor endorses, the products provided by our VIP members. We can only certify the technical soundness of the product integration. Not every vendor integrates to all cores.
Third-party vendors interested in joining VIP can click here.