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Credit Unions

Credit Unions

Our Symitar brand leads the industry with more than 700 credit union clients, capturing the largest market share of credit unions with assets exceeding $50 million on a single platform. We combine more than 30 years of experience with an open system approach and evolving technology plan to provide credit unions with practical answers to their current and future business needs.

The Episys core platform can scale to any size credit union, and this flexible structure is evidenced through 200 tightly integrated complementary solutions, as well as more than 150 third-party vendor applications that boost our clients’ functionality and profitability.

Episys is a highly customizable, IBM System p- based core. It is so reliable and flexible that the platform is chosen by nearly 40% of all credit unions with assets of more than $1 billion.

We also offer Symitar EASE, which manages the Episys core in a secure, outsourced environment. An additional benefit to using Episys is the availability of PowerOn, a utility that enables credit unions to customize virtually any aspect of the Episys system.

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