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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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White Paper
Jul 11, 2022

how we're helping you play to win (the right game)

You're faced with competitive disruption from big banks, fintechs, and non-traditional financial service providers. Competitive lines have become blurred and conventional business models no longer fit today's challenges. You need a new strategy and a new playbook to succeed in today's environment. We can help.
Playing to Win cover
a shift in the competitive landscape 

The boundaries between traditional community and regional financial institutions and non-traditional financial service providers have become blurred. Competition doesn't look like what it used to – and community and regional financial institutions continue to face disruption from mega banks and big tech companies as well as from fintechs. Additionally, an emerging hybrid monetary economy with new "currencies" like crypto has become more mainstream with trading through platforms like Coinbase. Many community and regional financial institutions, hindered by legacy technology and poor service integration, are losing (or stand to lose) market share and share of wallet due to their inability to service the new financial needs and expectations of their accountholders. New competitors have not just disrupted the ecosystem with substitutions for services – they've redefined the very value of financial services, impacting competition across industries, erasing boundaries, and overturning structure. 

Upside Opportunity Versus Downside Risk 
These disruptions present incumbent institutions with both massive downside risk and considerable upside opportunity. So, how can community and regional financial institutions stay relevant and add value for businesses and consumers to capture upside opportunity in the context of this ecosystem disruption – when the game itself seems to have changed? Start by asking yourself: 

am i playing to win the right game?
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