Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Reducing Risk and Fraud

serious financial crimes and fraud threats are targeting your institution and accountholders

Combatting Financial Criminals Requires Making Faster and Smarter Decisions
As the adoption of technology and use of digital banking continues to soar, financial institutions are continuously being targeted and challenged to protect against both current and emerging financial crimes and fraud threats. As the world changes, fraudsters and money launderers skillfully adapt their schemes, always managing to find ways to exploit new situations and events for their own gain. Meanwhile, regulators frequently revise rules, adding yet another layer of compliance complexity that your bank or credit union must keep pace with. In order to keep up with these challenges, you need tools and financial crime solutions that enable you to make faster and smarter decisions.
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how confident are you in your ability to safeguard against financial crimes and fraud threats?

Leverage Expert Insight and Advanced Technologies to Better Combat Risks

In today’s volatile business environment it is vital that you proactively protect your organization and accountholders from today’s sophisticated, ever-evolving financial crimes and fraud risk. While there’s no specific way to stop threats from happening, you can proactively put process, system, and technology improvements in place to make faster and smarter decisions and better combat risks. Jack Henry™ has the expertise and capabilities you need to meet regulatory directives and accountholder expectations more effectively by leveraging our expert insight and advanced technologies.

how we help

Effectively Combat Financial Crimes with Advanced Technologies

Leverage advanced technologies and unique expertise to better protect against both current and emerging financial crimes threats.

Empower Your Institution to Stop Fraudsters in Real Time

We provide real-time fraud decisions for ACH and wire transactions initiated through any origination channel, stopping fraud before the assets and information can leave your institution.

Facilitate More Efficient, More Effective Fraud Detection and Compliance Through Automation

Our solutions identify fraud related to checking, deposits, and ACH transactions and offer real-time fraud detection for Zelle® instant payment transactions.

Easily and Confidently Stay in Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directives

We offer the best in automated, enterprise-wide monitoring and reporting of suspicious activities for BSA compliance, addressing a pressing, top-of-mind concern.

Consulting That Evaluates All Aspects of Your Fraud and BSA Regulatory Applications and System Parameters

We work with you to build knowledge and understanding of every aspect of how the system works at a conceptual level so that you can make an educated decision on how it should be used at your institution.

Strengthen Your Watch List Screening with Automation and Integration

We deliver the industry’s most effective SaaS compliance platform, combining the latest technology with advanced algorithms and all-encompassing databases to help you strengthen watch list screening and compliance through automation.

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Learn more about how we can help you combat financial crimes and fraud to protect your organization and accountholders.