Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Reducing Risk and Fraud

don’t let economic uncertainty threaten your financial resilience

Making Better Use of Your Data Can Help Tame Unknowns
In banking, there is always uncertainty and there are always unknowns. And in the current dynamic economic climate, it’s imperative to be proactive about financial risk. To prepare for potential unpleasant surprises, financial institutions must stay focused on risk identification and mitigation, with particular focus on credit, interest rates, and liquidity to stress-test against a wide range of economic trends and events. But, while you may have the data required, is it integrated and accessible? Having access to current financial data is crucial to effectively managing risk and nurturing relationships with accountholders.
Shot of a women and a man working together on computer

do you have the tools you need to get control of your data?

Mitigate Unpredictable Risk with Integrated Data and Collaboration

The most strategic approach to financial resilience is one that maintains control of your data so you know with certainty how much trust can be applied to it. Unfortunately, the information you need is likely scattered across various disparate systems.
Jack Henry's innovative technology empowers you to merge and evaluate financial data to make better decisions and confidently craft flexible pricing strategies. We provide an integrated management framework and automated tools with built-in risk mitigation to accomplish such critical tasks as verifying that required data elements are available and accessible, capturing important data, tracking and comparing what-if scenarios, and analyzing and forecasting market and credit risk.

how we help

Integrated Loan Management Tools to Reduce Portfolio Risk

Improve communication between lending departments and reduce portfolio risk by removing siloed data.

Implement CECL Standards for New Regulatory Requirements

Show compliance by verifying that all required data elements to calculate CECL loss amounts are available and accessible in a controlled environment.

Maintain Viability with a Sustainable Balance Sheet

Seamlessly integrate both sides of your balance sheet to more effectively manage your interest rate, market, and liquidity risk.

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Learn more about how we can help you effectively mitigate credit and interest rate risk by making better use of your data.