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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Shot of a group of businesswomen looking at a laptop during a meeting at work
Overcoming Revenue Challenges

today’s industry-wide revenue challenges mean modern financial management has never been more important

Improving Financial Performance Takes Continuous Access to Data-Driven, Actionable Insights
Since the 2008 financial crisis, 445 banks and 66 credit unions have failed – and inadequate asset/liability management was at the epicenter of each failure. We recovered from the Great Recession with time, new regulations, and a new commitment to financial management. But today, banks and credit unions are facing other challenges that are impacting their financial performance: revenue-related challenges including declining interchange and non-interest income, increasing competition for consumer and commercial loans, unprecedented competition from fintechs and big techs, and the emergence of Banking as a Service (BaaS), which enables any company in any industry to embed financial services into its customer experience. Diverse banks and credit unions have diverse strategies for responding to these challenges, but they all share the fundamental need for next-generation financial management.
Shot of a group of businesswomen looking at a laptop during a meeting at work

financial management is never steady-state since financial positions constantly change

Effective, Efficient Asset/Liability Management Takes the Right Tools for the Right Job
Financial management has become significantly more complex and virtually impossible to do effectively, efficiently, and accurately without automated and integrated aggregation, analysis, and forecasting solutions. With new headwinds facing banks and credit unions now is the time to objectively determine if yesterday’s financial management tools can support today’s demands.
Jack Henry is uniquely positioned to help you elevate financial management and help you improve performance and ultimately enable the strategic, ongoing innovation that will empower you to overcome the industry-wide revenue challenges.

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Improve Strategic Planning and Performance Management

Simplify your strategic planning process and forecast your balance sheet more effectively.

Effectively Manage Relationships and Strategically Price New Business

Gain an enterprise-wide solution that empowers you to understand relationship profitability when competing for new loans.

Gain Insights into Overall Performance and Achievements

Manage and reward for performance using a single integrated tool and say goodbye to spreadsheets. You'll be able to streamline and automate results tracking and get timely updates on performance.

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