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JHA Payments for Government

Jack Henry & Associates offers a sophisticated platform that modernizes payments – a proven, secure, reliable platform that is already supporting more than 6,700 diverse clients. 

Our industry expertise, patented mobile and risk mitigation technologies, and ongoing innovations are now being leveraged to transform how government agencies collect payments, increase related security, meet consumer and constituent expectations for convenience, and reduce ongoing operating costs. JHA is supporting an array of government agencies with mobile payment solutions that replace outdated systems and tools, complex processes, and cumbersome and frustrating payment experiences. 

Redefining the Payment Experience 

There is a growing trend among forward-thinking government agencies to modernization their IT infrastructures and participate in the digital transformation. 

Technology has materially changed consumer and constituent expectations for convenience, day-to-day interaction, and user experience. Today, meeting these expectations requires transforming your check-based payments into digital payments. 

But most government agencies do not have the vision, expertise, time, or budget to build a mobile payments platform. Considering the complexity of digital technology and the speed-of-change, agencies need digital partners that provide proven solutions. Establishing strategic partnerships also expedites market-readiness and helps ensure ongoing innovation. 

Payments Flexibility 

JHA Payments for Government is serving government agencies with modern, fully customizable, highly scalable payment solutions that are backed by superior user experiences and unparalleled service. 

Our payment app can be deployed as a standalone, fully brandable solution or integrated into existing apps to add seamless payment capabilities to your app’s functionality. Flexible APIs are also available to integrate our mobile payment capabilities with existing government payment hubs. 

Our payment solutions also enable users to choose how they want to pay – credit, debit, ePayment, or check. 

The flexible apps support quick, seamless responses to policy, branding, and regulatory changes and the ability to offer promotions and discounts. 

Flexible Remittance 

Many agencies also need to capture remittance information with payments. Our mobile payments platform supports seamless payment processing and remittance information capture in the same app using the same user interface. 

Mobile remittance data capture screens can be created without publishing new apps and used to capture the information needed to update accounts receivable systems and eliminate manual reconciliation. 

Learn how to start your agency’s digital transformation and how JHA Business Solutions can enable diverse government agencies to better serve every person that interacts with them daily.