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Enterprise Payment Solutions

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Remote Deposit Capture™

These remote deposit solutions provide high-and low-volume deposit capture systems for virtually any commercial entity, including online merchants, who accept checks as a form of payment.   

This fully integrated, web-based electronic payment processing system leverages a check scanner to convert paper checks into electronic transactions. It then processes them through the ACH network or Check 21 image exchange network. Furthermore, the system automates returned check re-presentment, generates real-time reporting, and supports proactive risk management. Using a patent-pending process, this innovative solution also supports one-time payments by accepting check and account information over the Internet. This processing is done in a totally secure environment. This innovative solution increases revenue, improves efficiencies, and enhances customer relationships by combining the flexibility and immediacy of electronic payments with the familiarity of paying by check. 

What It Does

  • Enables financial institutions to provide commercial customers the ability to deposit paper checks of all types electronically.
  • Allows a business to process any type of check, including corporate checks, consumer checks, cashiers checks, third-party checks and money orders.
  • Provides a multiple check tabletop scanner that directly attaches to a Windows-based PC.
  • Automatically performs the courtesy amount recognition (CAR) and legal amount recognition (LAR) of each check in lieu of key entry.
  • Our personnel key in any amounts that the scanner does not read and makes all necessary MICR repairs and balance operations.
  • Allows the business to establish rules-based perimeters to accept, reject, or balance the deposit within a set dollar amount.
  • Notifies the business via e-mail alert and presents the deposit online for the business to accept or reject.

What It Does For Me

  • Optimizes least cost routing and speed of collection.
  • Provides a secure technical infrastructure for check processing.
  • Offers a more convenient way for businesses to make deposits.
  • Allows businesses to receive funds faster, improving their working capital.
  • Allows a financial institution to better serve its commercial customers by offering them this convenience.
  • Increases the financial institution's customer base.
  • Broadens the financial institution's geographic footprint without building additional branches.
  • Product Briefs
    Remote Deposit Anywhere

    Mobile remote deposit capture solution that allows your financial institution to provide individuals and small businesses the best in Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solutions, offering the convenience of easily depositing checks from a compatible smartphone or compliant tablet device, anytime or anywhere.
    Remote Deposit Complete

    A Web-and mobile-based, check image capture, storage, and processing solution that enables financial institutions (FI’s) to provide commercial customers the ability to electronically deposit a wide variety of paper checks.
    Remote Deposit Express

    ASP remote deposit capture puts the ability to make deposits right at your customers’ fingertips, regardless of your bank’s geographic footprint, opening up new opportunities to acquire and retain high-value customer relationships from business accounts in any location.
    Remote Deposit Now

    Online remote deposit capture helps your financial institution attract new depositors and strengthen customer relationships by putting your institution right at their fingertips through a convenient, online remote deposit service.
    Remote Deposit Scan

    A web-based, single check image capture, storage and processing solution that enable financial institutions (FIs) to provide commercial customers the ability to deposit paper checks of all types electronically.