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ATM Services & Payment Cards for Episys

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ATM Services

ATM driving, transaction processing, and coast-to-coast ATM/POS debit access

Symitar can connect your institution with any of the primary regional and national ATM and POS networks. We then handle the processing of ATM and PIN-based debit transactions. For ATM driving, Symitar supports most every type of ATM device. We also take care of PIN management and card manufacturing. For your members’ convenience we offer cardholder-selected PINs as well as activation and lost/stolen card reporting by both phone and Web.
This service includes 24/7 risk management monitoring by both fraud analysts and a neural network detection system. We will also “stand in” for clients to make sure transactions are completed if an issuer cannot respond to an authorization request. Another benefit is our optional chargeback and dispute resolution service. The majority of our transaction processing customers choose to take advantage of Symitar’s professional chargeback team to offload the handling of the regulations and details involved.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does

  • Connects your credit union with the major ATM and POS networks.
  • Provides transaction processing for ATM and PIN-based POS.
  • Enables ATM driving.
  • Provides expert fraud prevention and professional chargeback services.

What It Does For You

  • Gives your members the convenience of coast-to-coast ATM/POS access.
  • Simplifies the administration of an ATM program with Web-based monitoring and reporting.
  • Simplifies ATM operations with seamless implementation and industry-leading customer support.
  • Tools & Resources
    Symitar® Credit, Debit,

    This guide will take the reader through the full range of Symitar’s credit, debit, and ATM processing services. In spite of fears regarding regulatory restrictions on interchange, credit unions continue to produce income with card programs through APR, interchange, enhanced member retention, and deeper member relationships that lead to the use of other services. Should you choose in-house or outsourced card processing, we provide options and support.