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Ensenta ATM Risk Management and Check Image Processing Solution ℠ 

Automated Risk Mitigation and Check 21 Processing for ATMs and Self-Service Kiosks 

 ATMs continue to be a critical consumer touchpoint and integral parts of the omni-channel experience. The ATM channel is also becoming even more important as branch networks are shrinking and the remaining branches are being redesigned to provide modern self-service opportunities. But all remote deposit channels, including ATMs, are impacted by the growing challenge to balance user experience with effective risk mitigation and management. 

Ensenta ATM Risk Management and Check Image Processing Solution, a patented check image processing and risk management solution, solves this industry-wide challenge. With this solution, your organization will have the functionality to capture check images at ATMs and self-service kiosks. Each check is automatically reviewed against more than 200 risk factors to identify and route suspect checks for physical review and resolution. 

 Ensenta ATM Risk Management and Check Image Processing Solution leverages Ensenta EZAdmin, a centralized enterprise remote deposit processing and risk management platform that supports all remote deposit channels including desktop, mobile, ATMs, self-service kiosks, concierge stations, and remote tellers. 

The patented Ensenta Agile Risk ManagementSM functionality has positioned Ensenta EZAdmin as the industry standard for risk mitigation and management. The sophisticated risk management solution also uses accountholder segmentation, risk profiles, and deposit limits to enforce established RDC policies. Additional item decisioning support comes in the form of real-time queries against national third-party databases and enterprise fraud systems, as well as duplicate detection. ​