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ACH Client™

Comprehensive ACH Origination for Financial Institutions and Their Originators

ACH Client is an advanced web-based ACH origination solution that delivers state-of-the-art file origination and secure transmission functionality to an unlimited number of commercial customers, or members. It provides direct deposit of payroll, direct debit for receivables, all ACH check conversion options, and a host of other time and money-saving solutions for one-time and recurring transactions. ACH Client is an easy, affordable way to increase fee income and reduce backroom processing costs. 

ACH Client's online platform significantly reduces the expense of delivering ACH origination services by eliminating costly onsite software installations and updates. Originators can easily access your privately branded ACH Client solution from a hyperlink in your financial institution's online banking portal or home page. In addition to the more cost effective Internet delivery channel, ACH Client provides greater financial institution control of originator functionality.

ACH Client is an important business tool for your financial institution as well as your ACH transaction originators.

For your financial institution, it gives you the means to provide comprehensive ACH origination services to your customers with less effort and cost, allows you to more strongly tie those customers to your institution, and gives you the opportunity to offer new products to both existing and prospective customers. 

ACH Client helps the originator by allowing them to consolidate their deposits from multiple locations with one institution, reduce the number of checks their payroll or accounts payable unit needs to write, and to automatically debit customers' accounts for their monthly fees to streamline their income stream; i.e. pest control or lawn services, retainers, utility bills, etc. 

What It Does

  • Serves as an advanced web-based, financial institution-branded solution that delivers state-of-the-art ACH file origination and secure transmission functionality to an unlimited number of commercial customers.
  • Allows commercial customers easy access to your ACH service from a home page or online portal link.
  • Allows origination of ARC, BOC, and RCK transactions via check scanners.
  • Allows the origination of PPD, CCD, TEL, WEB, IAT, CIE, ENR and more.
  • Robust payment options for federal, state and local taxes, from standard EFTPS transactions to proprietary state and local addenda formats. 
  • Offers extensive detailed and summary reports for originated files.
  • Includes onsite training, marketing support, and technical support from AAP-certified ACH experts.
  • Provides a powerful search engine with custom search functionality.
  • Allows customers to import delimited text files or fixed length text files for conversion to the ACH format, or to create or update transaction templates.
  • Allows origination of recurring and split transactions.
  • Includes an automated origination calendar.
  • Allows users to export files (automatically, or on-demand) in either CSV or IFF (QuickBooks) format for auto-posting to accounting software.

What It Does For Me

  • Helps you to attract and retain important commercial customers.
  • Provides you with an additional income stream from transaction-based fees.
  • Delivers a broad range of ACH functionality to your commercial customers with an easy to administer solution.
  • Takes the confusion out of electronic payments for your clients and your staff by suppressing unnecessary ACH terminology and performing ACH processing steps "in the background".
  • Uses customizable controls to help mitigate risk for your financial institution and its commercial customers.
  • Provides peace-of-mind and data security via our SAS70 Level II service bureau and Secure sockets Layer (SSL) with 128-bit/RC4 encryption.
  • Offers your institution the backing of our expert, Accredited ACH Professionals who are available to help you with operational and marketing challenges.
  • Provides greater control with online administration and a user-friendly solution for an unlimited number of originators.
  • Eliminates costly onsite software installation by utilizing the most cost-effective delivery channel available – the Internet.
  • Product Briefs
    ACH Client™

    Comprehensive ACH origination
    Fraud Prevention HQ

    A fraud mitigation solution suite that enables account-holders to proactively monitor accounts for suspicious and fraudulent transactions
Automate Payment Processes for Stronger Relationships with Your Commercial Clients