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Enterprise Payment Solutions

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ACH Manager™

Secure, Automated Processing of Incoming & Outgoing ACH Files

ACH Manager is feature-rich and leads the market as a highly automated, host-independent, back office processing solution for ODFIs and RDFIs, performing all aspects of operational tasks, file management, risk management, OFAC checking, reporting, and more.

With this ACH payment processing solution, your institution has the capacity to grow fee-based revenue by expanding market penetration to larger ACH customers without increasing support costs.  

ACH Manager allows your financial institution or organization to automate processing of all outgoing and incoming ACH files with a convenient, secure ASP-hosted solution, and requires no onsite hardware or software. Hosted in Jack Henry's SSAE 16 data center, ACH Manager eliminates database management and disaster recovery concerns at the financial institution. 

ACH Manager is backed by professional training, ongoing education and unmatched technical support from ProfitStars expert staff of more than 33 Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs). 

What It Does

  • Displays status of key processing activities at a glance on a master console.
  • Manages multi-company/third party originators.
  • Provides temporal, operational, and fraud risk management.
  • Provides stop pay/payment authorization management rules, and DNE (death notification) management.
  • Offers options for Adaptive Authentication and/or tokens, as well as integrated IAT OFAC checking. 
  • Includes file and routing number validation, file analysis, consolidation, and splitting. 
  • Includes Originator file schedule management. 
  • Provides warehousing of originated and incoming transactions.
  • Provides automated...
    • file loading and processing
    • exceptions management by SEC and transaction types
    • returns analysis and matching
    • chargeback for returned ACH debits
    • resubmission of NSF returns
    • efile/batch/transaction reversals
    • erouting and account number conversions, returns, and NOCs
    • file import for SilverLake System users

What It Does For Me

  • Allows your institution to enjoy an ACH Processing Solution with no hardware, software, or data to maintain locally.
  • Maintains detailed audit logs of all user activities and system events.
  • Offers comprehensive on-demand financial institution and originator reporting.
  • Provides secure, hardened, redundant SSAE 16 hosting facilities.
  • Enables convenient fee structuring and automated collection.
  • Delivers multi-user simultaneous access and multi-financial institution processing.
  • Provides convenient e-mail alerts.
  • Product Briefs
    ACH Manager™ Processing Solution

    Secure, Automated Processing of Incoming & Outgoing ACH Files
    Fraud Prevention HQ

    A fraud mitigation solution suite that enables account-holders to proactively monitor accounts for suspicious and fraudulent transactions
Automate Payment Processes for Stronger Relationships with Your Commercial Clients