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iPay Consumer Bill Pay™

Fully Integrated Retail Bill Payment Solution

Simple, smart, and seamless. That's how iPay Consumer Bill Pay works for your institution and your customers and members.

As technology advances, the importance of an online presence is more important than ever. iPay Consumer Bill Pay helps keep your customers and members connected to your institution by giving them more touchpoints. 

iPay Consumer Bill Pay is a turnkey online bill pay solution that supports single or recurring payments and easily integrates with any Internet banking provider. This seamless solution enables retail customers and members to pay bills from multiple accounts, send expedited payments, and make person-to-person electronic payments quickly and easily. With the eBill presentment feature, customers and members can receive bills electronically, which will help strengthen customer retention, loyalty, and growth for your financial institution. 

When you partner with iPay Solutions for online bill pay, you receive the support of over 250 bill pay experts who are committed to handling customer or member issues immediately. We also provide comprehensive end-user support that can help your institution promote online bill pay to your customers and members.

iPay Consumer Bill Pay Options:

  • Bill Payments – Electronic payments
  • Rush Payments - Expedited payment distribution and tracking
  • Gift Payments - Personalized gift checks and charitable donations
  • P2P - Person-to-person electronic payments
  • eBill - Electronic bill presentment
  • Inter-Bank Transfers – Institution-to-institution money transfers
  • Live Chat - Instant message bill pay support
  • Extended Support Hours - Increased customer service availability
  • Check Imaging - Cleared check payments archive
  • Extended Storage - Payment and eBill history archive
  • iPay QuickPay™ – Voice enabled bill payments through Alexa enabled devices
  • Mobile API - Mobile banking bill payment integration layer

What It Does

  • Pay bills from multiple accounts.
  • Send single or recurring payments.
  • Initiate expedited payments.
  • Make person-to-person electronic payments.
  • Account-to-Account transfers includes both intrabank (from one account at the FI to another at the FI) and Account-to-Account transfers from an account at the FI to another account at another FI.
  • Track check payments quickly and easily.
  • Receive bills electronically with eBill.
  • View scheduled payments by:
    • Payee or all payees
    • Categories
    • Custom date range
  • View payment history a variety of ways.
    • Filter by: category, payee, status, custom date range
    • Sort by: pay to, pay from, amount, process date, deliver by date
    • Export available for further filtering
  • Store payment history for standard 18 months.
  • Get helpful text alerts and payment reminders.
  • Send gift checks or donations.
  • Receive support via phone and live chat.
  • Reduce number of clicks with an intuitive front-end user screen.
  • Customize branding for more integrated look and feel with Internet banking solution.
  • Get helpful tips for new and existing users with on-boarding tools.
  • Utilize a bill payment command center for refined payee and payment workflows.
  • Provides screen reader compatibility to support the visually impaired. 

What It Does For Me

  • Provides higher retention and customer or member satisfaction.
  • Increases profitability.
  • Strengthens your competitive positioning.
  • Maximizes your online service potential.
  • Increases adoption rates and generates fee income.
  • Reduces operating expenses.
  • Provides a dedicated call center staffed by more than 250 bill pay experts trained to assist your customers and members with FI-branded telephone support and live online chat.
  • iPay Consumer Bill Pay Product Brief
    iPay Consumer Bill Pay

    Turnkey online bill pay solution that supports single or recurring payments and easily integrates with any Internet banking provider.
  • iPay Check Printing Product Brief
    iPay Check Printing

    Secure, cost-effective check printing services for small and mid-sized business customers.
  • iPay QuickPay Product Brief
    iPay QuickPay

    A voice-driven consumer bill pay solution.
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​​​​​​​Consumer Bill Pay Demo​

Explore this live, interactive mock demo of iPay Consumer Bill Pay.
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    iPay Resource Center

    An online portal that is the source for all the marketing materials financial institutions need to help get customers and members enrolled in bill pay and make payments.
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