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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Jul 11, 2022

accountholders have fragmented financial relationships

Strengthen New and Existing Connections by Becoming Their Financial Hub

Unhappy with the solutions they’re getting – or not getting – from their primary financial institution, consumers and businesses need relief. Fintechs and challenger banks looking to gain market share are happy to oblige, offering services covering budgeting, automated savings and investing, and paying off debt.

With dozens, if not hundreds, of competitors filling gaps in service offerings, banks and credit unions are losing valuable relationships and revenue opportunities – while accountholders struggle.

fight the fragmentation with tools and technology

create stronger connections by providing accountholders with safer, comprehensive access to their data and finances

To fight fragmentation and address the financial health crisis, financial institutions need a tech stack that supports integration, openness, and open data exchange. This provides secure access to external providers and financial data along with the ability to consolidate, categorize, and enrich that data in an intuitive digital experience.  

To become a true financial hub:

  • Align your infrastructure with today’s needs. Ensure your tech stack removes functional silos and supports technology modernization.
  • Ready your data for modern uses. Convert, enhance, and merge data into a single source to create an accessible and actionable data platform for your institution and your accountholders.
  • Access the power of an open banking ecosystem. Integrate at will with all the major U.S. financial data exchange platforms and get full access to the open banking ecosystem with platform integration capabilities.
  • Think like a platform. Instead of disparate solutions, offer cross-functional platforms for high-value functions like digital, payments, and lending.

expect more from your technology

To ensure your financial institution can survive and thrive both today and tomorrow, Jack Henry™ is executing a technology modernization strategy.

Jack Henry has created one of the industry’s largest open banking ecosystems with hundreds of business partners, strategic alliances, and fintech integrations – including partnering with Finicity, a Mastercard® subsidiary, to help banks and credit unions drive innovation and financial inclusion through open banking and account aggregation.

Start combatting financial fragmentation today and become the financial hub with these Jack Henry solutions:

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