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Jul 11, 2022

elevate your website for the digital age

Today, 71% of businesses have a website and 28% of business is conducted online.1 The competition for online attention is as fierce as ever, and consumers have never had more digital options to engage with at their fingertips.

For many years, even the most web-savvy financial institutions have understandably focused on accountholder service and satisfaction. But according to Gallup research, banks and credit unions can miss nearly 40% of opportunities in their relationship with accountholders when they focus only on satisfaction.2

In this competitive environment, it’s increasingly critical for community and regional financial institutions to focus on accountholder engagement.

And did you know? Almost half (48%) of consumers indicate that the number one way they determine the credibility of a business is by their web design.3

Of course, anyone who’s ever helped manage a website knows that it can be a monster of a job. How do you tame the beast and make it a powerful part of your identity as an institution while also increasing accountholder engagement?

a path forward

The good news is that there are tools you can utilize – and key questions you can candidly assess – to ensure you are effectively engaging prospects and accountholders through a secure, modern website that strengthens your brand. Here are six key areas to evaluate today:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Do you have the technology in place to support your local search engine rankings? These can include organic search best practices for your website, including custom meta titles and descriptions for each page your visitors encounter.

  2. Social Media Campaigns
    Are you able to engage with your social audiences effectively and efficiently? This includes key steps like building your custom social campaign as well as strategies for when to post – and what content will drive the most engagement.

  3. Custom Analytics Tracking
    The newest technology tools can help you go beyond standard Google Analytics – with augmented custom tracking and reporting to analyze conversion data on your website and through third parties.

  4. Messaging
    Does the written content on your website tell the right story and support your SEO strategy? Whether your entire site or just a section could use a little TLC, it’s crucial to take an honest look to ensure you’re getting an effective message out to your audience.

  5. Digital Audit and Strategic Recommendations
    Are you able to prioritize your digital initiatives without bias? This can mean mapping out strategic recommendations based on a comprehensive digital audit – one that removes opinions and specifically focuses on site statistics.

  6. Financial Literacy Marketing
    Are you the reliable source of financial education and guidance that your community needs and expects? Does your website reflect that? If not, you’re missing opportunities for greater accountholder engagement.

support from proven website experts

If you need help with any of the above areas, you are not alone. With support from the Web Solutions team from Jack Henry™, you can create a beautiful, functional, secure website that meets your business goals, addresses accessibility standards across all devices, and drives strong accountholder engagement. Options include:

  • Website Design - Get a beautifully designed, modern site that looks great on every device.

  • Hosting and Content Management - Our content management system (CMS), Banno Content™, simplifies content creation and publishing. Banno Content has a built-in approval system, so all stakeholders are notified when it's time to review content.

  • Marketing - Banno Marketing™ empowers you with the tools you need to create dynamic campaigns for whoever you want, wherever you want – digital banking included. Additionally, Banno Marketing is equipped with thoughtfully designed tools made specifically for banks and credit unions.

    Additional marketing tools empower you to enhance your website, increase traffic and conversions, and ensure your brand’s relevance with our suite of digital marketing services including SEO, social media campaigns, custom analytics tracking, copywriting, digital audit and strategic recommendations, and financial literacy marketing.

  • Privacy and Security - Banno Monitor™ works around the clock so you don’t have to – ensuring you’re protected from defacement and DNS hijacking while maintaining your SSL Certificate validity. In the eyes of your accountholders, a stable website is reinforcement of your reliability and trustworthiness.

    Embrace laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) as the user privacy standard and leverage it as another opportunity to build trust with accountholders using the Universal Consent Platform from Banno™.

  • Accessibility and Compliance - Conforming to WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 accessibility guidelines doesn’t have to be hard. Digital Quality Management™ is designed with a digital governance solution specifically for community and regional financial institutions to guarantee your website is accessible to all.

don’t wait to elevate and set yourself apart

There are 1.13 billion active websites in the world today. What are you doing right now to not just satisfy accountholders with your website, but to go above and beyond?

With the right technology tools and support – and by asking some key questions – you can enhance your website, increase digital traffic and conversions, fully engage modern accountholders, and ensure your brand’s relevance for many years to come.

create limitless possibilities

Discover how to strengthen your digital presence with website and digital marketing solutions.

For more information about Jack Henry, visit


1 Top Website Statistics for 2023, Forbes Advisor, accessed April 2023.

2 Engaging Existing Customers Drives Banks’ Cross-Sell Success, The Financial Brand, accessed April 2023.

3 Top Website Statistics for 2023.

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