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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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future-ready, cloud-native, AI-enabled digital payments platform

Proactively support diverse digital payments strategies with a cloud-native, API-first, AI-enabled platform that provides elevated experiences and constant innovation.

Icon representing inuitive, personalized payment options.

smarter, faster, more engaging payment experiences

Offer next-generation consumer and business digital bill pay, real-time person-to-person, internal and external account-to-account, business-to-customer disbursements, and more.

Icon representing inuitive, personalized payment options.

intuitive, intelligent, personalized payments for people and businesses

Help people and businesses improve their financial health with secure, frictionless, faster digital payments and elevated payment experiences.

continuous innovation to meet ever-changing expectations

Simplify the complexity of payments, modernize payment channels, and innovate faster with next-generation technology that can meet the evolving needs of people and businesses.

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Next-generation consumer and business bill pay

AI-driven, smart-enabled electronic bill presentment and payments provide intuitive consumer and business functionality, elevated payment experiences with actionable insights about bills and payment accounts, and flexible delivery methods and times.

Diverse young adults making a peer-to-peer payment via smartphones.
Real-time person-to-person (P2P) payments

Easily send payments using just a mobile number or email address – with flexible delivery options, 100% transaction fraud scoring, good funds settlement, and funds credited to checking and savings accounts and debit cards.

Happy couple at home in kitchen using laptop computer to easily move money between their accounts.
Frictionless internal and external account-to-account (A2A) transfers

Enable people and businesses to make frictionless one-time and recurring A2A transfers across banking relationships with flexible delivered schedules and advanced authentication for delivered accuracy and security.

Smiling senior woman managing online payments at home.
Digital loan and credit card payments

Streamline loan, mortgage, and credit card payments. Convenience-driven payments can be made via a financial institution’s website or call center, funded by internal or external accounts and debit cards, with summary and detailed statements available.

Two mixed-age business people reviewing data on digital tablet in office hallway.
AI-driven business bill pay, invoicing, and payment solutions

Help businesses improve cash flow and operating efficiencies with intuitive bill presentment and payments and internal/external account-to-account (A2A) transfers.

Data security specialist in a wheelchair talks with colleague in office while working on computer.
Real-time, AI-based fraud mitigation

Detect payments fraud with real-time transaction scoring that supports multiple payment types and unique risk tolerances. AI and machine learning detect and weigh multiple fraud attributes and indicators, generating actionable scores for each transaction. 

Two businesswomen collaborating in the office using laptop, digital tablet, and charts.
Increase engagement with personalized financial insights

Leverage unique payment behaviors and data to enhance user engagement, provide personalized, actionable recommendations and reminders so people can better manage their bills and money, and create competitive differentiation.

Dynamic payment routing and multi-rail distribution

Streamline the payments process through seamless integration with all funding sources and simplified payment delivery via every distribution rail, eliminating the need to maintain multiple payment vendors, network connections, and payments solutions. 

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