Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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financial technology with future-ready capabilities

Next-Generation Financial Technology Built for an Open Platform

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financial technology solutions that transform challenges into change

We are committed to growing, supporting, protecting, and innovating for community and regional financial institutions through the technology and services we offer.

what we offer

Jack Henry™ is a well-rounded financial technology company investing in modern infrastructure and fully focused on next-generation technology. Our abundant technology and services are categorized across nine key capability types:

Digital Banking

We’re pioneers of personal digital banking – reviving the vision of financial institutions being on a first-name basis with accountholders. We’re offering a platform for personal, human-centered service that puts consumers first.

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Dedicated to simplifying payments, we help financial institutions and businesses reinvent their payments strategies and modernize their payments platforms so they can get money into the hands of people when they need it.

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Our scalable, flexible, and open technology operations solutions offer new levels of agility and efficiency to help financial institutions run their business, serve accountholders, process transactions, and manage complex mission-critical information.

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Information Security & Technology

We’re helping financial institutions proactively and effectively defend against today’s complex internal and external threats, secure data and systems, enable regulatory compliance, and protect their reputations and assets – as well as that of their accountholders.

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We are innovators committed to making loans more accessible to borrowers. Our intuitive, appropriately simple lending solutions help banks and credit unions stay ahead of the fast-changing digital environment while giving borrowers quick access and improving visibility for staff members.

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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk

We help proactively protect financial institutions by leveraging advanced financial technologies, unique expertise, and insights that combat both current and emerging financial crimes and fraud threats.

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Commercial Banking

We have solutions and services specifically designed to help banks and credit unions attract, serve, retain, and grow diverse commercial accounts.

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Customer & Member Relationships

We’re focused on removing accountholder friction and delivering exceptional experiences for customers and members – offering the right service in the moment of need and relevance.

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Financial Health

Financial institutions must help their customers, members, and businesses achieve financial health. We provide the technology, education, innovation, and leadership necessary to take the next step in helping their accountholders gain financial freedom.

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