Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Improving Accountholder Experience

address fragmented finances to create opportunities for comprehensive financial health

Enable Financial Health to Meet Accountholder Expectations
Today’s consumers often have 20 to 30 financial relationships spanning the financial services spectrum. Each of those relationships comes with a separate app, login, password, and user interface, so accountholders can keep tabs on their financial position and account activity. But rather than creating connection and big-picture understanding, this plethora of disparate apps and services creates silos and confusion. Accountholders have become disconnected from their financial position and struggle to identify insights that would help drive actions to improve their financial health.
shot of a couple on a couch using a tablet and reading a book

bring clarity to financial fragmentation

Leveraging an Open Banking Strategy and Actionable Insights to Improve the Experience
With 66% of accountholders expecting more from their bank or credit union when it comes to improving financial health, it’s time for community and regional financial institutions to use today’s technology to combat the negative effects of financial fragmentation.
Whether that means leveraging accountholder data to deliver insights, strategically embedding third-party fintech solutions in your digital banking platform, or removing the risks and poor experience caused by screen scraping in financial data-sharing exchange and account aggregation, your accountholders are actively seeking your participation in enabling their financial health.
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how we help

Provide Actionable Insights and Deeper Understanding

Give accountholders data and recommendations that help drive positive action and improve financial health.

Embed a 360-Degree View into the Digital Banking Experience

Help accountholders view their finances from a central location – your app – to provide deeper understanding and a great experience.

Offer Secure Financial Data Exchange

Leverage pre-plumbed connections to the open banking ecosystem to remove the poor experience and security risks caused by screen scraping for your accountholders.

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Learn more about how to improve financial health with an open banking strategy.