Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Increasing Efficiencies

challenges that could be preventing you from reaching operational efficiency

Addressing the Shrinking Labor Market, Competition, and the Need to Innovate
With increased employee turnover and a shrinking labor market, banks and credit unions are having to upskill, reskill, and redeploy talent. Over 47 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs in 2021, and the number of people returning to the workforce is lower than expected. Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict when this trend and impact on the banking industry will come to an end.
In addition to the tight labor market and manual processes, banks and credit unions are also faced with pressure from competition and the need to innovate. Disparate systems and lack of integration can get in the way and don’t provide the resources or functionality you need to compete. But what if you could do more with less?
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the value of automating your processes cannot be overstated

Automation Helps You Manage Liabilities, Mitigate Risk, and Increase Efficiency

Automation is key – when you automate your business processes, it’s easier to identify areas in your institution where you can become more efficient. You can leverage automation to address growing workloads, labor-intensive processes, increasing fraud rates, and legacy data, which will ultimately help you save time and money while reducing operational risk. By automating your business processes, you’ll create a positive ripple effect through your entire organization.

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Eliminate Redundant Data and Manual Tasks

Identify labor- and/or time-sensitive processes in your organization that could be improved by implementing a workflow automation solution.

Extend and Maximize Your Technology Ecosystem

With an open approach to banking, you can create your own enhancements, develop interfaces that extend your Jack Henry™ solution to third-party systems, and integrate data from multiple sources. You’ll get the freedom to connect with and embed technology quickly and easily, making it easier for IT staff to develop tools and automate manual tasks.

Prioritize Process Analysis and Optimization

Get help implementing automation, optimizing your processes, and planning, designing, and re-engineering your banking procedures.

Streamline Data and Content Management

Streamline the capturing, storing, retrieving, and distributing of electronic documents, check images, and report data.

Save Time and Resources During Data Conversions

With proper planning, data conversions can go very smoothly. Find a provider who has a proven track record of successfully converting multiple types of data, from checks to document imaging to signatures.

Automatically Flag Fraudulent Check Activity with Real-Time Tools

Utilize a real-time status notification solution to help automate your check fraud mitigation process. Your employees can detect potential returns or fraud before it occurs, saving your team time and avoiding frustration for the accountholders you serve.

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