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Card Processing Solutions For All Credit Unions

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A turnkey EFT processing platform

Jack Henry & Associates is one of the largest switch processors in the United States. We provide single-point settlement, high availability, ATM driving, and 24/7 support. The jhaPassPort switch is responsible for secure transaction processing through credit unions’ ATM and debit card networks. jhaPassPort enables your members to use their ATM and debit cards for cash withdrawals at any ATM, and debit cards for purchases at any Visa, Discover, or MasterCard retail point-of-sale (POS) worldwide.

This turnkey service processes all PIN and signature-based card transactions initiated by members throughout credit unions’ proprietary ATM networks, regional and national ATM and debit card networks, and retail point-of-sale terminals. jhaPassPort supports the industry’s highest security standards, enforcing triple DES encryption. Various levels of fraud detection and protection are available. The service also streamlines research and exception management with the automatic consolidation of all transaction information into a single accessible database. It automates address maintenance and new card ordering, and offers a user-friendly reissue program for expiring or compromised cards. Transactions are authorized on near-real-time account balances rather than the prior day’s account balances available in batch processing environments.

Core compatibility: CruiseNet

What It Does

  • Provides switch processing for ATM and POS transactions.
  • Supports transactions at regional and national ATM and debit card networks.
  • Offers high-level security standards and fraud detection.
  • Consolidates transaction information into a single accessible database.
  • Authorizes transactions based on near-real-time account balances.
  • Provides a user-friendly reissue program.

What It Does For You

  • Simplifies EFT processing by providing outsourced services.
  • Gives your members reliable ATM and debit service.
  • Automates your address maintenance and new card ordering.​
  • Product Briefs

    Timely information for your credit card accounts