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Man and woman holding smartphones and making payment transaction

offer faster payments

We help reinvent payment strategies and modernize your payments platform with scalable solutions that enable moving money to anyone at any time on any device.

Man and woman holding smartphones and making payment transaction

meet the strong and growing demand for real-time payments

Offering instant payments has evolved from a competitive distinction into a competitive necessity.

send instant payments through our core and digital solutions

Successfully compete with the payments innovators who developed modern solutions that disenfranchise banks and credit unions.

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Jack Henry's faster payments hub generates all the required network-specific data feeds

Your consumer and commercial accountholders can send and receive instant payments with ready-built conduits to Zelle®, RTP®, and the FedNow® Service.

Woman holding phone sending money via Zelle app
With Zelle, almost anyone with a U.S. checking or savings account can send person-to-person payments

Our payments hub provides seamless connections to the Zelle Network®, with money typically available to enrolled recipients in minutes – without sharing sensitive account and personal information.

Mature Latino man with beard any stylish casual clothing in springtime day on cell phone in park
The RTP® Network supports consumer and business payments with real-time funds availability

With the RTP Network, consumers and businesses can immediately send and receive money directly from all types of DDA accounts. In addition to sending money, RTP supports requests for payment.

Federal Reserve building
Jack Henry supports the Federal Reserve’s instant payments network
We're now delivering instant payments for financial institutions on the FedNow® Service and helping to shape the future of instant payments.
Two women meeting in office collaborating on laptop
Jack Henry can seamlessly integrate instant payments with third-party core and digital solutions

We provide digital toolkits that enable the Zelle and RTP user experiences and payment workflows to integrate easily and fully into the existing digital experiences provided by diverse banks and credit unions.

meet the demand for real-time payments with JHA PayCenter

Provide the seamless instant payments experience consumers and businesses expect with JHA PayCenter.

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Faster payments expedite funds availability and improve cash flow.