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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Man performing remote deposit capture on phone

improve cash flow with commercial mobile remote deposit capture

RDC is a strategic component of digital banking platforms and a competitive necessity that positively impacts a financial institution's bottom line.

Man performing remote deposit capture on phone

efficiently convert physical checks to digital checks

Our modern RDC platforms streamline deposit processes, enhance digital banking experiences, increase low-cost deposit growth, and reduce transaction and operating costs.


RDC is a strategic component of digital banking platforms

Remote deposit capture positively impacts your bottom line by converting physical deposits into faster and cheaper digital deposits.

Business man using his smartphone to remote deposit his check

attract and retain lucrative commercial relationships

Offering the modern payment and financial management solutions your accountholders need is critical to successfully attracting, retaining, and growing commercial relationships.

commercial mobile remote deposit capture solutions

With our commercial mobile remote deposit capture solutions, your business clients can conveniently and securely deposit checks anytime, anywhere.

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young Indian woman sends her paycheck to the bank via Remote Deposit Capture with her mobile phone
Support today's convenience-driven demands with mobile remote deposit capture

Enabling businesses to deposit checks anytime, anywhere using camera-enabled smartphones and tablets directly impacts your bottom line by converting physical deposits into much faster, much cheaper digital deposits.

modern woman having video conference at home.
High and low volume RDC solutions with optional proofing and balancing services

Our commercial desktop RDC solutions provide the unique functionality diverse businesses need to deposit checks using industry-leading scanners with an array of proofing and balancing services.

Mature businessman working at modern office space
Increase accountholder service and satisfaction with real-time notifications

Real-time communications increase accountholder satisfaction by eliminating questions about deposit status and setting accurate expectations regarding funds availability.

Businesswoman using laptop in office
Expedite funds availability with real-time posting

The appropriate hold codes can be configured with accountholder segmentation and influenced by the identifiable risk of each deposited item.

Two web designers working in office on a project together.
Support RDC with multi-layered fraud mitigation and management solutions

We develop proprietary fraud solutions that operate as natural extensions of our RDC platforms and seamlessly integrate highly specialized third-party solutions that enabled multi-layered fraud mitigation and management.

young businesswoman using a digital tablet at work
Interactive business intelligence solutions for your commercial accountholders

With this powerful business intelligence solution, you can seamlessly access, monitor, and analyze accountholder and transaction activity and generate actionable insights and data-driven growth strategies.

digital deposits – a necessity for businesses today

To attract and retain commercial accountholders, you need to offer secure, intuitive mobile and desktop remote deposit solutions.

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