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Card Processing Solutions For All Credit Unions

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Anti-fraud text alert service for credit and debit card transactions

smsGuardian is a fraud protection text alert service for JHA Card Processing Solutions (CPS) clients. It sends alerts directly to cardholders via text message. When cardholders confirm unauthorized activity, the information is immediately routed to a fraud analyst for card blocking and follow up, reducing the time window in which subsequent unauthorized transactions could take place.

Credit unions can select from predefined rule sets regarding when a cardholder is notified and choose different options for each BIN. Alerts can be sent for all transactions, or a choice of one or more of the following transaction alert options: international, fuel, authorizations greater than $100, three or more transactions in 24 hours, card not present, out of state, and declined authorizations. Cardholders also have flexible options to control alert messages. CPS provides monthly reporting that details account access, confirmed enrollments, and alert messages sent.

What It Does

  • Sends alerts about suspicious card activity directly to cardholders via text message.
  • Routes notification of fraud to analysts for card blocking and follow up.
  • Sends alerts for all transactions or a choice of pre-defined options.
  • Supports all major phone service carriers.
  • Generates monthly reports that detail account access, confirm enrollments, and list alert messages sent.
  • Notifies cardholders prior to expiration and enables a text-based renewal.
  • Enables members to enroll up to 10 mobile numbers per card.
  • Supports "do not disturb" times when messages can be queued and sent later.

What It Does For You

  • Reduces card fraud and the likelihood of repeated unauthorized transactions.
  • Preserves members’ trust and loyalty and puts them in greater control over fraud prevention.
  • Safeguards credit union and member assets. 
  • Protects members’ credit ratings​
  • Product Briefs

    In a society that is increasingly reliant on mobile technology, your customers are accustomed to managing and organizing their lives using mobile devices. Now you can help preserve their trust while putting them in greater control over deterring ATM and debit card fraud. smsGuardian alerts customers of suspicious account activity via SMS text message so they can take immediate action.