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Ensenta Integrated Fraud Check℠ ​

Real-Time Interactive Data Exchanges Convert Risk Mitigation into a Customer Service Enhancement 

Check fraud is impacting every financial institution and duplicate and counterfeit detection are essential components in your battle against it. 

Ensenta Integrated Fraud Check is a real-time interactive fraud warning solution that will help protect your accountholders, assets, and reputation. It integrates the newest features of the Real-time Deposit Chek solution, provided by Early Warning Service (EWS), with the Ensenta solution suite. Account status responses from EWS are combined with Ensenta risk factors and used to systematically evaluate risk and decision deposits. 

With Ensenta Integrated Fraud Check, you can avoid losses at the point of presentment by identifying items drawn on closed accounts, overdrawn and NSF accounts, items with a stop-payment status, new account warning, and many more. 

Ensenta Integrated Fraud Check can also expedite funds availability by identifying low risk deposits, such as deposited items drawn on open accounts that are in good standing. 

The Ensenta RDC suite supports configurable, interactive messaging that confirms completed deposits or those rejected at the point of presentment. This fully customized messaging materially reduces the need for back office staff to review and adjust items. 

The real-time interactive data exchanges available with Ensenta Integrated Fraud Check converts risk mitigation into a customer service enhancement by expediting the evaluation of each check, improving customer communication, and often accelerating funds availability.