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JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) 

Consumer Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Solution  

Consumers – especially 83 million tech savvy, convenience-driven millennials – expect to conduct most of their banking interactions and transactions using smartphones and tablets. Since this change in consumer behavior has made anytime, anywhere banking the new industry standard, it’s more critical than ever to provide innovative solutions like mobile deposits to meet today’s expectations for convenience and 24x7x365 self-service while increasing deposits for the financial institution.​​​

With JHA SmartPay RDA, you can empower accountholders to quickly, accurately, and securely deposit checks using their camera-enabled smartphones and tablets. This fully branded mobile solution provides a modern, intuitive experience that’s very user friendly.

Accepting mobile deposits with JHA SmartPay RDA streamlines the deposit process, increases operating efficiencies, and reduces the backroom and labor costs associated with in-branch deposits. This means you can support the growing demand for self-sufficiency, expedite funds availability, and provide a high-demand financial service that enhances accountholder loyalty and retention. You also gain a fully hosted solution that offers low near- and long-term ownership costs.

With the added power of JHA SmartMonitorsm and JHA SmartPay Integrated Fraud CheckSM*, JHA SmartPay RDA provides a multi-layered approach to risk mitigation. These tools give you the access to real-time information you need to decision checks at the point of presentment.

*JHA SmartPay Integrated Fraud Check real-time (in-app) messaging is only available if the financial institution’s mobile banking application is integrated to the latest version of the RDA API. Financial institutions should consult their mobile banking partner for additional information.​ 


Remote Deposit Anywhere added to ICBA Preferred Service Provider Program


JHA SmartPay RDA - Video
  • JHA SmartMonitor - Slick
    JHA SmartMonitor

    Risk Management for Consumer Mobile Deposits Powered by JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA)
JHA SmartMonitor - Video