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iPay Business Bill Pay™

Small Business Online Bill Payment Suite

If your institution is only offering limited business-customer services, you might be missing out on growing your most profitable segment of customers and members.

Financial institutions know that small businesses are their most valuable clients - that's why it's so essential to make them long-term customers and members. You can do that by offering the online bill pay solution designed specifically for the needs of small businesses.

iPay Business Bill Pay is a full suite of online financial management solutions designed to meet the distinct needs of small businesses. This turnkey solution supplies new sources of growth and revenue for your financial institution as you expand your footprint in the small business market. In addition to providing seamless integration and easy implementation, iPay Business Bill Pay gives customers the ability to send payroll deposits to multiple accounts, make expedited payments, set multi-user entitlements for employees, and pay any number of employees electronically.

iPay Business Bill Pay gives your financial institution the opportunity to gain a unique competitive edge by enabling you to attract new deposit customers, generate new fee income, and improve customer loyalty.

iPay Business Bill Pay Options:
  • Bill Payments – Electronic payments
  • Rush Payments - Expedited payment distribution and tracking
  • P2P - Person-to-person electronic payments
  • eBill - Electronic bill presentment
  • Inter-Bank Transfers – Institution-to-institution money transfers
  • Payroll - Electronic payroll deposits to multiple accounts
  • Live Chat - Instant message bill pay support
  • Extended Support Hours - Increased customer service availability
  • Check Imaging - Cleared check payments archive
  • Extended Storage - Payment and eBill history archive

What It Does

  • Delegate payment tasks with the extensive entitlement controls.​
  • Set dual account signature requirements to keep payments from processing without the proper approvals.
  • Send payroll deposits to multiple accounts to save time.
  • Pay any number of employees electronically.
  • Create customized auditing reports.

What It Does For Me

  • Become indispensable to your small business customers and members.
  • Offer the solution that's specifically designed for the needs of small businesses.
  • Generate more business from your most valuable customers and members.
  • Have a competitive edge in your market.
  • Increase your small business customer and member base.
  • iPay Check Printing Product Brief
    iPay Check Printing

    Secure, cost-effective check printing services for small and mid-sized business customers.
​​​​​Business Bill Pay Demo
Explore this live, interactive mock demo of iPay Business Bill Pay. See why it’s the best choice for your small business customers.