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Prepaid Cards™

Create new revenue and increase customer and member satisfaction.

Prepaid Cards is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that enables financial institutions (FIs) to add new interest-free, insured deposit accounts. The program is the most efficient, easy-to-manage method for FIs to generate additional revenue from commercial and retail customers, as well as to attract new customers from the underbanked and unbanked market segments.
FIs marketing the program hold the deposits, share in the interchange, and set their own pricing, sharing in cardholder fee revenue. These three key features set our Prepaid Cards solution apart from the competition – and the traditional agent bank model.
In partnership with Jack Henry & Associates, the program’s operational support is handled by TransCard®, who also provides a wide range of easily customizable bank marketing materials. The program is designed in compliance with federal and state laws, and TransCard assumes all cardholder fraud risk. This quick-to-market prepaid solution lets your institution enter the prepaid market cost-effectively while benefiting from the ability to:  
  • Deliver payroll cards, reloadable prepaid cards, and gift cards.
  • Brand all cards with your FI’s name and logo.
  • Set and manage cardholders’ fees for your institution.
  • Keep and expand interest-free, FDIC-insured deposits.
  • Gain indemnification of cardholder fraud.
  • Enjoy ease and speed of implementation.
Great for financial institutions of any size!
  • Product Briefs
    Prepaid Cards

    Comprehensive, turnkey card program in partnership with TransCard and MasterCard.