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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Jul 11, 2022

without accountholder trust, you risk losing more than just money

Protect Relationships by Defending Accountholders and Strengthening Trust

Fraudsters are costing financial firms loyalty and trustworthiness on top of monetary losses, reputational damage, and financial harm to accountholders. The 1,862 data breaches reported in 2021 affected almost 294 million Americans;1 while cybercrime totaled $6.9 billion2 and fraud cost $5.8 billion.3

With the population reeling from the financial health crisis – compounded by cybercrime and fraud – 72% of consumers struggle to believe their primary financial institution works with their best interest in mind.4

the good news? they’re looking to you for help and you already have the tools to do it

bridge the gap and send accountholders back to their community institutions 

Eight in 10 adults trust local institutions over other banking entities,5 meaning they’re ready and willing to give you their business – but you have to meet them where they need you.

Merging high-tech cybersecurity and fraud prevention solutions with high-touch services means being accessible in critical moments, while stopping the bad actors before they can harm accountholders’ financial health. Investing in resources that protect and support your accountholders’ personalized needs builds stronger and more resilient relationships, while supporting their financial health and your bottom line.

To protect accountholders and strengthen trust:

  • Implement high-tech cybersecurity and fraud prevention solutions. Use today’s technology to stop bad actors before they can harm your accountholders or your organization.
  • Be accessible in critical moments. Create a service continuum that ranges from self-service to high-touch, both in-person and digitally.
  • Respond to individual needs. Invest in resources that allow you to provide personalized recommendations, services, and advice.
  • Embrace an agile infrastructure strategy. Secure mission-critical systems and data with an infrastructure strategy that delivers flexibility when your institution requires agility. 

expect more from your technology

Protect your accountholders and strengthen trust with these Jack Henry™ solutions:

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1 Insurance Information Institute
2 Federal Bureau of Investigation
3 Federal Trade Commission

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