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Mar 13, 2023

strategically respond to revenue challenges with Jack Henry's solutions

The Competitive Landscape Is Fierce and Is a Fundamental Contributor to Revenue Challenges ‒ Jack Henry™ Is Here to Help

Most banks and credit unions are challenged to generate previous levels of revenue, much less meaningful increases, based on an array of industry-wide headwinds that are significantly impacting:

  • Interchange income
  • Interest income
  • Non-interest income

The new and fierce competitive landscape is a fundamental contributor to these revenue challenges.

Embracing open banking, developing a practical open strategy, and evolving into a platform can’t happen overnight – it takes time and a village. But time is money considering today’s dauting revenue challenges. As you begin your journey to open banking, carefully consider the revenue-generating solutions you can deploy today.

Jack Henry™ is here to help with both. Long-term, we have a fundamental commitment to open banking and the unique ability to be your platform-enabling technology partner. More immediately, we can help you respond to today’s revenue challenges with an array of modern solutions that can be leveraged as strategic components of tomorrow’s platform. Learn More about overcoming revenue challenges.

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